Custom branding kits 


Branding kits are a collection of physical products (like business cards, thank you notes, stickers, etc.) that we design using your existing logo. These kits are a powerful tool for physically putting your brand into your client's hands, and giving them a real-life, tactile experience of your company. 

We work closely with every client to curate and customize products that will strengthen their existing branding, and that will be useful for the specific jobs that they need to do. We've built relationships with companies we trust to create the materials we've designed for you, and we're proud to offer printing on our very own 1950 Heidleberg windmill press.  

Branding kits are delivered to your door, ready for you to use in your office, mail, gift packages or however else you love to present your brand. 


Customized products we offer: 


Business cards 

Thank you cards 

Vellum overlays


Tissue Paper 



Custom boxes 

Rubber stamps 

Address labels 

Brass Seals