custom logo art & design


Every project that we take is highly customized, and we take pride in being able to deliver something brand new to each of our clients. 

All of our logos are created by hand, in either watercolor, pencil, and/or charcoal, and then scanned at high resolution and digitized. 

With every client, we explore the personality of their business, their personal tastes, and their goals for their brand, and then translate those things into custom artwork that they can use across their media and branding materials. 








luxe vs. handwritten logos

Our luxe logo include illustration, whether it's illustration of letters, objects, washes, or all three. Our handwritten logos are simpler logos using just handwriting, either in pen, pencil, watercolor, or charcoal. Both logos include a subtitle, if you choose to have one. 


luxe logo

handwritten logo


logo bundles 


Our logo bundles include all of the elements that you'll need to be able to implement your logo across all of your social media, packaging and branding. 

Complete with a primary logo, secondary logo and logo mark, these bundles are designed to give you different options for different applications, and are a great tool for updating the look of your entire business.