My name is Annie Brooks and the Wells Makery is my fort. I come here to cover my hands in ink and watercolor and to make brand new things. 

I was raised by a family of traveling illustrators and musicians who taught me that to live creatively is wildly relevant, delightfully ridiculous, and shockingly practical. 

I've spent the last 10 years swept up in all kinds of eclectic adventures all over the globe.  Art has been the cause of each and every of them. In my free time,  I viscously attack the sketchiest thrift stores I can find, and I take care of a pair of domesticated doves who love mac and cheese. 

To learn more about me,  you can read this. 


Pleased to meet you, I'm Whitney. I feel ultra-enthusiastic about many things, but working with Annie and making art all day every day pretty much takes the cake. 

Professionally I have dabbled in horticulture, counting, demolition, baking, goat-tending, driving, and rock-smashing, but illustration is by far my favorite. 



Annie and Whitney met in grade school, beneath the carport of a Holistic Jewish Doctor, whilst dissecting a deer brain during a homeschooling anatomy class. Their artistic endeavors as a team commenced shortly after, beginning with choreographed dances to the tunes of Phil Collins, moving on to scrunchie-making, and frequenting divulgences into what they liked to call fashion. 

The two lived through high school and went separate ways that often crossed at strange intersections. 

Whitney went to work in the wilderness, in successful kitchens, in Harrison Ford's back garden, in disaster areas across the globe, and to her own art and design company. 

Annie went to work behind a microphone, and then a classroom full of young humans, behind a camera, and then to start The Wells Makery. 

The two arrived, short of breath and with a strange collection of seashells, living in the same town in 2015. Naturally and fortunately, they began working together just a few months later. 

Since then, The Wells Makery has grown exponentially, has produced hundreds of logos and illustrations for people all over the world, and shows up in satisfying places like HGTV, Martha Stewart, and on their mother's refrigerators.