This is a collection of some of our larger projects that we've tackled over the years.





Annie created this project as a gift for her husband Jake, right after she launched The Wells Makery, for their 10th anniversary. Each page is filled with their finest memories , greatest misadventures, and strangest encounters in 23 countries from their first decade together.

Pulling someone else's teeth, accidentally following a beam of light to the sword in the stone, dancing to Rihanna in the West Bank, Italian photo shoots, getting kicked out of the Upper Room, and scooter breakdowns at the Burmese's all in there! 

Our illustration style has changed and improved vastly since 2014, but we're still proud of this playful collection. 



2015 - avocado to zen


Whitney created this delightful collection of healthy treats for food blogger extraordinaire, Carrie Eckert. Avocado to Zen is a resource that Carrie created to empower women in their pursuit of wellness and vitality. We're happy to have partnered with her, and to show you this pantry full of goodies...



2016 - Reckless north workshop


In 2016 we partnered with Brumley & Wells Photography and Wedding Sparrow to style his film photography workshop in Iceland, and created all of the branding, artwork and paper products for the entire weekend. We chose Wabi Sabi as our inspiration for the weekend, mixing rough paint textures and crude brush fronts with clean typography and plenty of white space. We wanted to juxtapose clean and modern structure with the loose messiness that paint offers, to compliment the stark yet wild landscape of Iceland. 

The workshop has been published on OnceWed, Magnolia Rouge, Wedding Sparrow, Hey Wedding Lady, and in Print in Hochzeitsguide's VOW



2016 - eventide workshop 


Magnolia Rouge offered us the opportunity to style and create artwork for the Fall 2016 Forage & Fern workshop on Galiano Island in British Columbia. We chose "Eventide" as our theme, playing off a rich history of fishing, and clear night skies reflected in the still ocean pools. We wanted the style of the weekend to be both earthy and celestial. We used leather to ground the suite, and watery paint textures dotted with silver stars to lift the suite into the ethereal. 


The workshop has been featured online on Magnolia Rouge here and here, Bajan Wed, and Vale & Vine



2017 - "Forth"workshop


We returned to Galiano Island in British columbia to style the  Forage & Fern for Magnolia Rouge workshop, styling five different photoshoots and the overall look of the event. This year, we chose "FORTH" as our theme, with the idea of moving forward, both in adventure, and in style, inspired by a blend of neutral tones, minimalist type, and mid century modern lines. We created three different paper suites that play with combinations of folky illustration and structured type. It was an honor to work alongside Ponderosa and Thyme for a wild array of florals, and WKNLA's modern folk jewelry.

Photos by Brumley & Wells