Festive & Romantic, the Garden Suite features semi-abstract hand painted florals, custom calligraphy and custom type. 

We offer you the option to either print your own suite, or to let us print them for you.

Below, we've provided you will all of the information you need to calculate the price of printing based on the pieces you'll be ordering and their size/quantity. The print prices are in addition to the customization/files-only fee.  


Decadent Suite - $500


  • Announcement Card (A7 size)
  • RSVP Card (A1 size) 
  • Details Card (A6 size) (Light or Dark)
  • Website / Registry Card (A1 size) (Light or Dark) 
  • Vellum Overlay (A7 size) 
  • Menu (#10 size) 


For sizing reference see guide at the bottom of the page.

Final product is delivered as full resolution files that you are welcome to print however you'd like. We also offer in-house printing. See pricing below. 


(Additional Fee)

Museum-quality giclee printing with 100 year archival paper and inks. 


In quantities of 25:

  • A7 card - $120 
  • A6 card - $120
  • A1 Card - $80
  • #10 Menu - $140
  • A7 Vellum Overlay - $50
  • Hand Tearing for entire suite - $125


Envelopes/addresses not included. 


A7 5X7 / A6 4.5X6.25 / A2 4.25X5.5 / A1 or 4bar- 4.875X3.5 / #10 4X9